We are open for all preschool, recreational gymnastics, tumbling classes, Friday night Open Gym and birthday parties!! Boys and Adult classes are also back starting with our Fall 2 Session! Early Bird sign-ups for Fall 2 Session begin the week of September 28, 2020. CCG continues to follow all CDC guidelines.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear
Although the majority of children will wear a leotard, it is not required, however it is recommended. You can wear sweatpants, shorts, a long/short sleeve t-shirt. Your child can go barefoot or with socks. Please do not wear jean, or any clothing with buttons.  Leotards can be purchased in our Pro Shop.

How do students get into the competitive program?
Entry into our competitive program is by invitation only. Our class coaches keep a sharp eye out for students who demonstrate an aptitude for competitive gymnastics. Also, the management is always looking and monitoring classes and will evaluate children ready to move up a level.

What happens during the summer?
We offer two summer sessions that are typically five weeks long.  If your family vacation happens to interrupt the session, we gladly offer makeup classes for any time missed.  We also offer a variety of different camps that run during the summer sessions.

Can I switch classes?
We understand that life takes turns and that everything is dynamic.  We prefer that you stay in the class for the full session, however if something changes and the time/day will not work for you any longer, stop in the office and we will see what possibilities may be available.

Do We have to wait until the New Session starts?
NO! We have an open enrollment which means you can join anytime. Class tuition will be prorated for the remaining session.

What should I expect on my child’s first day of class?
Stop in the office and let them know that this is you first day.  If you have any questions they will be able to help you.  Some children start out a little shy, however by the end of the class most children are not ready to leave.

How many students are there per instructor?
For safety reasons, our guaranteed ratio policy is 6 students per instructor in the preschool program, and 8 students per instructor in the instructional classes. We try to give the most one-on-one attention as possible. Putting your child through a mill doesn’t work in gymnastics, or most other activities in life!

To whom do I address my concern regarding instruction?
If you have a problem with an instructor or class, and you and the instructor couldn’t resolve it, contact Matt Reed@ 614-409-7655. Matt is the owner and Head Team Coach and can resolve any issue! Don’t hesitate to inquire about a problem you see, we can only get better if you tell us how to get better!

Can I pay via credit card?
Sure, no problem.  Stop in the office and the staff can help you out.  There is a $5.00 processing fee for all credit card transactions.  We will also accept cash and checks.  Currently we do not accept credit cards over the phone.

What do the kids do during a birthday party?
During a two hour party children will enjoy an hour and a half of gym time.  Children will have access to an obstacle course, inground tumble trak, trampoline, foam pit, and all of the Olympic apparatus in the facility. The last half hour is saved for food, and gifts.

What is the difference between Capitol City Gymnastics and the competition?
If you haven’t heard rave reviews from your neighbors, friends or family, come in and experience why Capitol City Gymnastics is growing from Word Of Mouth!
The Top TWO reasons are because we actually have the lowest (8 to 1) ratio of children to instructors. We don’t put your children through a cookie cutter program, everything is designed to make your child excel.  We also have a staff that cares about each child’s well being; you will feel at home the moment you walk in the door. You’ll Love it here, We Promise!

How do I register?
You can register by visiting our facility to fill out the registration forms.  If you are busy, give us a call to reserve room for your child and fill out the paperwork before the first class (forms are ?)

Are there discount for having 2 kids in the gym?
Yes, we offer a discount for the second, third, and fourth child of the family!
2nd Child – 10%
3rd Child – 15%
4th Child – 20%

Do I have to stay to watch my child?
Not unless your child is under age 5.

What is the registration fee for?
The registration fee is an annual fee to help pay for the insurance.  You all know how much personal insurance is, imagine insurance for 300 children!

Are there any referral programs for referring friends to the gym, and do you offer group rates?
Yes! We have a referral program, and every person you refer, you’ll receive a $10 coupon off gymnastics tuition. There is no limit on the coupons, so refer, refer, refer! Our most happy customers are getting paid on top of being more than satisfied by our gym!

I would like my child to just “try” gymnastics to see if he/she likes it. Can I do this?
Of course! Your first lesson can be free, just bring in a coupon off our web site.  We will prorate the session fee and only charge you for the remainder of the session; after you see how much fun your child had in the class. We rarely see a one time gymnast!

My child missed a class, how do I book a make-up class?
See the office for make-up days and times. You are allowed one (1) make-up per session.  Except for summers, we would be more than happy to work in two (2) make ups around your family vacation.

Are parents allowed to watch while their children are attending class?
Yes! We have a viewing area for parents to watch their children learn Gymnastics!  Please do not attempt to interact with your child during class time, let our staff do the job that you are so kindly paying for.