03/26/20 UPDATE: In order to keep our gym family and community safe and to adhere to the “social distancing” recommendation regarding the Coronavirus, CCG has found it necessary to extend our close date past the 03/29/20 previously indicated time frame. Our open date will be posted as soon as the restrictions have been lifted. Please also check our FB page for additional updates. Stay safe and stay strong. We will see you all back in the gym soon!
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Capitol City Gymnastics Teams


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Level 4

Gymnastics: Competitive Teams

Capitol City takes great pride in our competitive teams, and supports the gymnasts as they pursue their dreams. We have produced numerous individual State Champions as well as Lexi Smith a National Champion. We are responsible for seven State Team titles and feel that with desire, hard work, and dedication we can help your child accomplish their goals. The competitive teams practice several times throughout the week and compete on the weekends during the season. In this fun and supportive environment, the young gymnasts’ talents flourish as they continue to learn new and challenging gymnastics skills. Competition gives them an opportunity to show off their skills.

In addition to developing strength, flexibility, and gymnastics skills, the staff is honored by the opportunity to invest in your child’s life. Gymnastics can provide memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. It also provides a safe venue to develop a child’s self esteem and encourages them to grow into mature, confident young adults.

Compulsory  Levels

Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Optional Levels

Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10