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General Gymnastics Information

Why Do Gymnastics?

Mainly because it is so much FUN! Not to mention the other amazing things that kids are learning and don’t even know it, things like physical strength, balance, flexibility, power, posture, air awareness, agility…other stuff too… like perseverance, goal setting, self-confidence, self-esteem …and more still…listening, cooperation, following directions and problem solving! It’s an all-in-one package… getting’ those arms talking’ to those legs…what a GREAT FOUNDATION for life! …Start at ANY age! We encourage you!

“Many sports teach commitment, dedication, and time management. Yet gymnastics, because of the complex progression of abilities and physical techniques required to master the different events, teaches perseverance, patience, and discipline beyond the realm of many sports. When a child participates in a gymnastics class, she is developing a wide variety of motor skills. A gymnast develops speed, strength, and agility while simultaneously learning balance and grace. Few sports teach such a diverse range of accomplishments. A student must develop acute listening skills in order to be able to transfer verbal instructions to complex, physical movements. The balance beam event, in particular, teaches the student to focus and concentrate for prolonged periods. Gymnasts tend to do well in school because they are able to utilize this ability while studying.” *

Excerpted from “Gymnastics and Preschoolers: Perfect Together”
by Myrna Beth Haskell, FAMILY; Back-To-School Issue 2002

Why Do Gymnastics?